In Progress: Publishing House Bed & Breakfast

It's almost time for the Publishing House B&B to open and we are so excited to show you the finished interiors in the next few weeks. It's been a year or so in the making and the transformation of the space has been pretty incredible. We wanted to share some in progress photos that we've snapped along the way including tiling, architectural details/elements, wallpaper and other finishes. 

Hello from Siren Betty Design!

Hello! We are the Siren Betty Design team and we design commercial and residential interiors with a focus in hospitality. Our team consists of principle designer Nicole Alexander and interior designers Susan Williams, Lexi Goddard and Nikki Aleksandra. Second to our design backgrounds, we have all worked in the bar and restaurant industry and pursued the fine arts through different mediums. Our diverse experiences have taught us to wear many hats which sometimes include entertainer, artist, therapist, handy (wo)men, graphic designer, stylist, ect ect. We are going to be blogging to give you insight to our creative process, our inspirations, our product finds, our creative network, and what we think works and doesn't in the design world. We want to convince you how much we love design and our commitment to creating the best possible experiences within our curated environments. 

Our latest completed projects include a whisky bar by night and cafe by day in the West Loop area of Chicago called Slightly Toasted as well as an upscale dining experience in Chicago's Lincoln Park called the Willow Room. With both projects we were able to flex our creative muscles and explore our love for bold color. In Willow Room bright oranges, reds, pinks and blues in velvety textures create a sense of luxury. A combination of traditional and modern elements such as ornate cast iron table bases with slender mid-century modern chair legs give the space an updated prohibition era cocktail bar feel.

At Slightly Toasted, the crushed velvet curved banquette provides comfort and upscale feel for the happy hour and night owl crowds and the reclaimed woods and steel framing on the glass walls distinct/warm the space from the corporate sleekness of the Bank of America Lobby.

Please enjoy the photos!